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Five Perfect Valentine’s Day Movies to Watch With your Partner

    Valentine’s Day can be considered very special in the sense that you get to have some much needed romantic time with your boyfriend, or girlfriend. Some couples tend to go out on Valentine’s Day and watch movie at a theater, but what about trying to create your own personal movie theater at home?

Going to a theater to watch an interesting, action packed, or romance movie is a fun experience, but not so much when there are people in the audience that want to talk during the entire show! I personally hate when people ruin your theater experience, so here are some are some wonderful Valentine’s Day movies that you can watch on this sweet filled day.


  1. “The Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants 2”

    “The Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants 2” is an awesome movie that not only incorporates drama, and comedy, but romance as well. In this film the girls Tibby, Bridget, Lena, and Carmen go off to college and you get to see each girl deal with either starting new relationships, or going back to their first loves.

    They even deal with typical stages and issues with relationships, such as getting physically intimate with a partner and the consquences it can have if you are not careful. They deal with gaining or developing trust in relationships, and even moments when you find yourself being pulled back towards your old lover.

  2. “The Ugly Truth”

    If you enjoy watching romantic comedies and think Gerard Butler is hot, plus a super talented actor, check out “The Ugly Truth”. In “The Ugly Truth” Butler plays this man who has a show in which he discusses women’s issues when it comes to relationships.

    He even stresses the fact that men are just after one thing when it comes to women and of course that’s not always true, so one woman decides to stand against him. Katherine Heigl, another extremely talented actor, expresses her views to Butler, but she eventually falls for his tips in order to try and keep a man and not scare him away.

    As the movie continues, Katherine juggles back and forth between a guy she is truly interested in and a guy who she thinks is totally crazy and biased. If you like very adult humor, romance, and some eye candy then this movie is definitely for you.

  3. “Burlesque”

    Musicals are not everyone’s favorite, but there are some people who love to watch films with some mind blowing fantastic music and dancing. If you are one of these fans, “Burlesque” is definitely a must see.

    “Burlesque” movie features actors and actresses Christina Aguilera, Cam Gigandet, Cher, and Stanley Tucci. The movie is about a young woman (Aguilera) that moves into a new town, lost her mother, and is in search for a new start. In the process of changing her life around, she finds this Burlesque club and begins to work as a server, meanwhile her true goal is to get up on that stage to show everyone what talent she has bottled up.

    After she repeatedly begs the manager (Cher) of the club to let her dance and sing on the stage, she finally gets the chance to do so. Everyone is blown away with the voice on her, and her flawless dance moves, especially one particular sexy bartender, played by Gigandet.

    As the movie continues Aguilera tries to see if she should pursue a relationship with Gigandet or just focus on her job. Decisions are hard to make when it comes to both of these areas, but of course she makes the best decision and if you watch the film, you can see what (or who)she chose!


4. “Fast & Furious 6”

“Fast and Furious 6” is probably a movie you would not consider to be romantic, and more action filled, but it definitely succeeds in both of these areas. In “Fast and Furious 6” Dom is shocked to find out that the woman that he once loved with all his heart, the woman who showed her love by sticking with him through everything no matter how dangerous it got, and who he thought left his world forever, is actually alive.

Yes everyone Letty survived from her car accident in “Fast and Furious” the fourth one. How did she survive is something I can’t reveal, but here is a hint, in order to find out the truth about a situation, you need to dive deeper into the story, so the producers of this film did exactly that for the fans.

 Now you would think that with Letty being alive and all, she would dive back into Dom’s arms right, well not quite. Letty actually goes against Dom and is working for a cruel, super dangerous, and does not give a crap about anything man, named Shaw.

 As the movie continues Dom tries his best to get Letty out of the scary position she is in, and Letty begins to realize that the one man she should be turning down is the same man, who used her as bait.The struggle continues to increase as Dom risks his life, and asks his family (Brian, Mia, Tess, Roman, Gisele, and Han) for help in order to bring his love back to where she needs to be and that is at home with her loved ones

5. “The Notebook”

“The Notebook” is the ideal movie if you enjoy crying happy tears over another’s person’s relationship. “The Notebook” made almost every woman swoon at the sight of watching Ryan Gosling being all muscle toned and working hard on building a house to win back his soon to be wed, ex girlfriend.

 In “The Notebook” Ryan dates Rachel McAdams and they eventually fall deeply in love. Their relationship of course had moments where everything was perfect, but there were moments of tension, especially due to McAdam’s parents, in particular her mother.

McAdam’s mother was very cruel and felt that if her daughter were to fall in love with a man, he better have a house full swarming with cash. So of course her mother decides that her daughter dating a poor man just would not do, so she decides to force her daughter to move far away from Gosling to pursue a new life, jam packed with college classes and forcing her daughter to marry a man solely for finanical secruity.

Before McAdams fully goes through with the marriage, she decides to go and close up a chapter, or at least that was her plan when she went to see Gosling. If the chapter got closed is up in the air, but of course true love is hard to deny, but the conclusion of that story will only be known if you take the time out to watch this film.

 So if you want to have a peaceful fun movie time with your partner, order some food, eat some dessert, or even go for the traditional pop corn, grab some soda, toss on a film, and have yourself a good old time with your valentine !






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