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Tickets to see their supported teams or artists are a thoughtful gift celebrating how well you know them and their interests. The energy and the atmosphere at these sort of events and being together within a crowd is a great memory for you both to have. That’s why tickets are one of the best gifts you can give- they treat someone to an experience that is one of a kind.


We’re all guilty of stealing their clothes once in a while…or all the time, so Christmas calls for some new additions to the rotation. All jokes aside, men love their comfort so whether you treat them to designer socks, boxers or hoodies, he’s sure to appreciate it.


Scent is highly associated with emotion and memory, making it considered a valuable token of affection when gifted. I feel like product sets like skincare are an essential gift for men since they’re an unlikely purchase for men to make themselves. Studies have shown that men can produce four times as much sebum as women meaning they’re more likely to suffer skin issues but, as we all know, less likely to take care of their skin.


Jewellery is very much appreciated by men for the same reasons as us, feeling special and appreciated. There is no reason for men to be left out on this. Whether you go for a watch, ring, chain or cufflinks; jewellery makes for a very sentimental gift that one usually has for a significant amount of time and may even be worn every day to always remind them of you.

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