How I Balance Uni and a Full-Time Job

University is a lot of work, no doubt about it, and can definitely be considered a full-time job on its own. Lectures, seminars, weekly reading, essays, revision - the list is endless. Even if you don’t have all that many contact hours, there’s plenty to keep you occupied the rest of the time. So, is it possible to balance a real full time job on top of it all? Yes, but it’s not easy.

Firstly, address why you want a job. If you need one in order to pay for accommodation or food then the decision is out of your hands, but if not then consider your reasons. Do you want to have some work experience in a relevant field to the job you want when you graduate? Do you just want something to do to fill your free time? Do you enjoy the idea of the job and think it could be fun? These are all legitimate arguments, but they need to be weighed up against whether you have the time or energy for the job in mind. It varies from person to person, so it’s not a decision anyone else can make for you.

Choosing the right job is definitely going to have a major impact on whether it’s possible to keep it up through uni. I work 30+ hours a week but it’s all evenings and weekends so there’s no chance of it clashing with my uni timetable. The other option is a flexible job where you can choose your own hours, or a freelance job that means you can work whenever you want. The regular 9-5 office job certainly isn’t going to fit around a uni course, but there’s a lot of other options, especially in London, that are definitely viable. It’s also important to pick a job that ends when you walk out of work, rather than one with endless amounts of extra work to do in your spare time.

The key thing to remember is that your studies should always be your priority, and picking a job that recognises this as well is the best way to ensure the work/study balance is maintained. Whatever you choose in the end, don’t forget that you can always hand your notice in if you find it becomes too much. Quitting to focus on your studies will never be a bad thing in the eyes of future employers!