My Happy Place: Cape May, NJ

"The essence of pleasure is spontaneity" - Germaine Greer


The best experiences oftentimes come out of the most spontaneous adventures. My trip to Cape May, NJ this past Summer 2018 was exactly that. My mom and I on our way home from my college orientation planned our three-day trip to Cape May for the following weekend. My mom and I are very close. We thought of this as a last special mother-daughter trip before I left for college. It was the most last-minute, spontaneous thing we’ve ever done, and it ended up being my favorite trip I’ve ever been on. I also found my favorite place on Earth, my happy place.


Buckingham Beach Motel


The Buckingham Beach Motel was one of the only places available so last minute, but we wouldn’t have had it any other way. It was vintage, quaint and had the total beachy feel. While it was small and cozy, I’d easily take that over large and luxurious. It felt much more authentic. It was perfect.


Walking down the main strip


My mom and I would take a walk every morning down the main strip. We had gorgeous beach houses and hotels to one side, and the shore on the other. My favorite parts were the families you would see walking with their children, couples holding hands, people riding bikes, jogging and walking dogs. It was such a peaceful, family town. I was so content taking this walk every morning.


Magic Brain Café


Cozy, old school coffee shops are one of my guilty pleasures. The Magic Brain Café was full of old books, people who knew each other, elderly playing board games and reading; I felt right at home. This was the first time I’d ever had latte art on my coffee and the first time I tried oat milk, needless to say I was stoked and will never forget this place (and of course I bought the mug).  


Downtown Shops


The Washington Street Mall is a strip of shops, cafes, candy stores, jewelry stores, antiques and more. My mom and I came here more than once over the course of our three-day trip. We sat on a bench just talking and felt like we were in an old-fashioned movie.


Walking distance from the beach


A major perk of the location we chose to stay was the quick 5-minute walk to the beach. We were here every day for a couple hours reading, relaxing and walking up and down the shore.


I’ll never forget this trip. I’ve never felt so happy and content in a place before. My mom and I decided this will be an annual tradition. This is now my mom and I’s special place and it came about in the most spontaneous of ways!