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HC JMU Girls at the JMU Tree Lighting!

Campus Publicity Correspondent - My Campus JMU Rachel Petersen (JMU '11) is from a wonderful place called Virginia Beach. She has lived almost half of her life there and the other half in Germany due to being an Army brat. She's had the blessing of being able to travel to many different countries and experience tons of new things at a young age. Rachel loves to go to the beach, read tons of books (anything by Agatha Christie, Dan Brown, and Nicholas Sparks will do), sing, write, drink caramel chai lattes, eat her dad's spaghetti, play with Rico -- her 20 pound cat, and spend time with her fiancé , friends, and family. In addition to working as a student employee at the on campus mailroom and planning her July 2011 wedding, Rachel is in the process of obtaining a BA in Psychology with a minor in Criminal Justice and hopes to eventually become a psychologist in the legal system.
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