Guide to Achieving the Perfect Formal Look

It's springtime! The weather is finally getting warmer and the semester is coming to a close -- which also means that it's time to start thinking about Spring Formal! 


Many sororities, clubs, and organizations have a Spring Formal to end the year with a bang. It's a great time to spend getting dressed up with friends before everyone parts ways in the summer. But what in the world will you wear? I've created this simple guide make your life a bit easier.

  1. 1. Choose a Dress

    The first step to creating your picture-perfect look is finding a dress that you love. Feel free to express yourself through different colors, patterns, and textures. Once you find a dress, you'll base the rest of your look on this.

  2. 2. Plan Out Your Jewelry

    Silver, gold, or rose gold? Color choice matters and will help determine what makeup colors you use. Also, think about what type of jewelry pieces you want to wear. Flashy hoops, layerd necklaces, rings, a simple bracelet -- your options are endless.

  3. 3. The Perfect Hairstyle

    When choosing a hairstyle, it is important to pay attention to what would look best with the neckline of your dress. For example, a strapless dress calls for hair all down, Half-up styles look good with V-necks, and high collar dresses look best with up-dos. Pinterest will become your best friend when deciding on hair!

  4. 4. Makeup Time

    Pull inspiration for makeup from the colors of your dress and jewelry. If your look has mostly cool tones, go with a silver based eye look. But if your look is warmer, go for gold. Tie in colors from your dress to complete the look.

  5. 5. Shoes

    This one is mainly based on personal preference so pick a pair of shoes you'll be most comfortable dancing in.

  6. 6. Nails

    Nails also depend on the dress color. A safe, yet polished, option is going with a classic French Manicure.

  7. 7. Bonus Points: A Tan

    I know I feel my best when I have a sunkissed glow. 10/10 times I will reccommend a spray tan from an airbrush artist or a self tan over tanning beds. They are key to acquiring the bronze look you're going for without harming your skin.

Hopefully this guide will help take some stress off of you when preparing for formal!