Writer Profile: Audrey Hazel

Audrey Hazel is a freshmen writer for Her Campus! Check out her articles in the JHU contributer page!

1. Name:  Audrey Hazel

2. Major, Year: International Studies, Freshmen

3. Hometown: Talent, Oregon

4. Affiliated with: Track, Her Campus

5. You can usually find me: Eating Eggs

6. My favorite part about Hopkins is: My Friends 

7. I am most proud of: My Ability to Sleep

8. In five years I will be: In Grad School

9. Something most people don’t know about me is: I'm afraid of lady bugs

10. My favorite location on campus is: The Beach

11. What are you looking forward to this semester? 

Spring Track Season!

13. How do you plan to spend Spring break?  

Meeting My sister's new baby!