Vivian Sun: Our Skincare Extraordinaire


Meet another one of our new writers (the one who has been making your skincare routine so much better), Vivian!

  1. Name: Vivian Sun
  2. Major: Undeclared; leaning towards Writing Seminars, with minors in Marketing and Spanish for the Professions
  3. Hometown: Basking Ridge, New Jersey
  4. Affiliated With: Chinese Student Association, Nest Strategies, j. magazine, Eclectics
  5. You can usually find me: In my dorm room or in the Gilman atrium
  6. My favorite part about Hopkins is: The supportive community here, as well as the friends I have made or will make!
  7. In five years I will be: (hopefully) employed in a job I enjoy!  
  8. One thing most people don't know about me: I’m double-jointed
  9. My favorite place on campus: The Gilman atrium
  10. Favorite animal: Dogs, especially shiba inus
  11. Any advice for incoming freshmen: Don’t be afraid to put yourself out there, whether that’s in terms of meeting people/making friends, joining clubs, taking classes, or anything else! There’s so many opportunities available here at Hopkins, so take advantage of as many as you can.