Maddison McGrath: Your New Best Friend

Madison McGrath, she's just like us! Madison loves doing anything other than homework and enjoys sleeping in on the weekends, a real "woman of the people." Say hi to her if you see her around campus!

  1. Name: Madison McGrath
  2. Major, Year: Materials Science and Engineering
  3. Hometown: Rockland, New York
  4. Affiliated with: Varsity Basketball, Alpha Phi
  5. You can usually find me: On my couch watching shows
  6. My favorite part about Hopkins is: My friends!
  7. My least favorite part about Hopkins is: Studying
  8. I am most proud of: Falling down the stairs at LAX during orientation week freshmen year
  9. In five years I will be: Still drinking chocolate milk, maybe in grad school
  10. Something most people don’t know about me is: I can clap really fast, If you see me around campus ask about it
  11. My favorite location on campus is: The Athletic Center, I’m most at home near a basketball hoop!