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How Grace Beverly is Killing the Game

Let me give you a quick rundown on Grace Beverly, formerly known as Grace Fit UK.


She is a fitness and social media influencer from London, posting life and health videos and tips. She graduated from Oxford University (!!) with Honors about four weeks ago. She has  several businesses, the first being B_ND Store where she sells resistance bands to supplement workouts, and she also shares workouts through their Instagram. She also just traveled pretty much all of South and Central America with her friends, hitting places like Belize and Colombia, staying in hostels along the way. Some day, that will be me.

She ALSO has an athletic clothing line, TALA, that is made of 92% recycled materials and practices ethical work policies. TALA also comes with a tag that you can plant after you purchase one of their items (my plant is growing!), due to her extreme care for sustainable and ethical fashion that is lacking in the current fashion industry. Oh, AND a few weeks ago, she won the NatWest Great British Entrepreneur Award for “Young Entrepreneur of the Year”- makes sense because she started 3 businesses within the span of 2-3 years.


Now, for the actual announcement (yes, there is more)! She just announced a new app that shares exclusive workouts personalized for YOU! The app is SHREDDY, and it will have “workouts, recipes, meal plans, classes, and a motivated community” for you to be apart of. I am surprised that she has not done this already because that’s how she became popular and known, through her Youtube videos and Instagrams where she would post her workout videos and recipes. I am just so happy she is doing it now!


The pricing is also tailored towards young people and students that might not be able to afford a full-on gym membership or do not have access to one, and although they still have not been released, I will definitely be investing in this.


Grace now posts about her successes in life, her travels, and even has an Instagram for her house that she is turning upside down and renovating to make it her dream home (the Instagram is @chez_grez by the way). She is constantly on the move, and now that she graduated- a year early, too, mind you- she has time for whatever her heart desires. SHREDDY comes out on Oct. 10, so you can see me at the Rec Center with the app open on my iPhone, getting shredded.

Laís Santoro is a freshman at JHU studying Public Health and Environmental Studies (possibly minoring in Anthropology, we'll see). She is a climate justice organizer with Sunrise Movement, and heads many justice and sustainability efforts on campus for plant-based eating and food justice. Laís can be seen going from meeting to meeting non-stop, not getting enough sleep, or telling people about how much she loves the color yellow.
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