Halloween Costume Tips and Ideas

Halloween is right around the corner so it’s time to get some costume ideas! Being a student and trying to get a costume together that’s both cheap and easy to move in is quite a task. But here is a guide to help you out!


First, think about what activities you have the day of Halloween. If you have a lot of physically intensive activities, formal events, or a packed schedule bright and early, you might want to have a simple costume that is easy to move around in and subtle. It may not be a good idea to plan complicated makeup since they will be time consuming and possibly messy. Unless, of course, you are dedicated enough to wake up early for that!


Second, think about what can you afford. Costumes and makeup can be expensive so it is always a good idea to make your own! Especially because these costumes might very well be only worn once.


Third, if you have a costume idea in mind, think about whether or not someone might misunderstand and find your costume offensive in any way. Halloween is supposed to be fun so don’t ruin anyone’s day whether you intended it or not.


Last, safety check your costume! Make sure there won’t be any wardrobe malfunctions. Costumes can be revealing so also make sure you’re not making anyone including yourself uncomfortable. If you have something a little more complicated, large sized, or with props, make sure you won’t be accidentally hurting yourself or others around you when moving around.


The easiest is to go with some clothes that you already have in your wardrobe, using accessories that you already own. If not, Amazon would be your best friend, especially if you have Prime. An example would be a Minnie Mouse costume. You can wear a simple black or red top and black jeans. Pull out your Disney ears and use a marker to draw a nose and whiskers on your face and you’re ready to go! Another idea could be a deer costume. Find a nice cosey brown shirt or sweater and a headband you can glue some twigs on so they look like horns. On Halloween day, simply draw on a nose and some freckles and you’ll be the cutest deer in town.



Good luck thinking of your costume!!