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Why I Love Valentine’s Day

Okay, I’ll admit it: I love Valentine’s Day. Yes, I truly do love this Hallmark holiday and everything that comes with it. In this day and age, where so many people hate on a day dedicated to love and pretend that they don’t like heart shaped donuts, I am here to stand up for February 14th as a fun pick me up that hits us in the middle of the cold and windy winter (which many people also hate…but that’s a whole other article).

I am a fan of this day of love with all my frilly and pink heart. I love that when I go to Target, I walk down aisles upon aisles of red hearts, bags of candy wrapped in special colors, and those Valentine’s little kids hand out at elementary school. I love wearing bright red on February 14th and eating heart-shaped candy and sending dorky Internet Valentine’s to my friends. I love getting a card in the mail from my grandma, my Valentine every year, without fail. It’s just a day that makes me feel happy and excited and can pull me out of a mid-winter funk.

No matter how you feel, Valentine’s Day is really about this: spreading love wherever you go. Maybe that means you just say hi to everyone you meet or maybe you throw conversation hearts at your friends when you see them on campus that day. Maybe Valentine’s to you is gorging yourself on Dunkin’s Brownie Batter donuts (which is 100% what my V-Day will consist of), or you could enjoy a bottle of wine and a good rom com by yourself. Or you could just be the type of person that likes getting the clearance candy at CVS on February 15th. Whatever it is to you, the point is to love it and share that love! That’s reason enough to be fan and I hope any V-Day haters out there can take a chance on the day and find their own way to celebrate. 

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