What Gets You Through The Day?

As a science student, the amount of work we endure constantly builds up. Even with exemplary time management and organization, finding time to balance self-care, a social life and your professional career can draw anyone to tears.


I like to take a moment to reflect on what makes me happy. Why I continue to strive for my dreams, even when it feels like everything is going against me.



1. My Family

My family has done as much as they can to support me on my college journey. I am eternally appreciative for the encouragement I have received along the way.


2. My Friends

Aside from the friends I’ve made at University, my friends from home really inspire me. We push each other to do the best we can and find time to revel in our successes after a long year of schoolwork.


3. Myself

I owe it to myself to prepare for a successful life in a career I love and am passionate about. I love the field I am entering and cannot wait to pursue my dreams.


4. My Dogs

It might seem silly, but my dogs are such a huge part of my life and truly motivate me. Being away from them and my home were hard at first, but I know they miss me when I’m not there, as I miss them.


A little love can go a long way, and anyone who can truly say they have one person who supports them fully, consider yourself lucky.