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        I’m sure everyone is currently coming down from their Spring Break high and is dreading the workload waiting for them, but until then let’s reminisce on our spring break adventures…


        This year my friends and I decided to do something a little different. Instead of going somewhere warm and sunny, we piled our suitcases in a van and drove up north across the border to a cute city called Montreal. Here are some of the highlights from a week in this snowy city.

        First of all, I have to give some major props to Airbnb. Not only is it a massively convenient site that offers cheaper rates than most hotels, we got lucky with the little blue house we lived in for the week. Clean, enough space for all of us, and a hot tub in the backyard, it was everything we could ask for and more. We were only a short walk away from the metro, which was our main source of transportation for the week. Everything was perfect for what we needed. I’m already missing that little blue house.

        Of course I have to talk about the food next. So one of my friends, Sarah, that was with us on this trip is gluten free and dairy free for allergy reasons. We generally try to find options that work for her so we can all eat together. Well Montreal had plenty of options for us to choose from that also accommodated her needs. It was actually the best food I had in awhile. Compared to Philadelphia, Montreal wins by a landslide with how good every gluten free restaurant was that we ate at. Sarah almost thought it was too good to be true every time we went out to eat. The food was definitely a highlight of the trip and it’s making me hungry typing this.

        All of the pretty sights we saw is definitely next on my highlights. From the Notre Dame Basilica in Old City to the Biodôme to the Underground Mall, there was a different adventure each day. Old City was based of the older European layout of cities, which held The Notre Dame Basilica in the center. There were plenty of cute little restaurants and stores to pop into while walking through the amazing architecture. The Biodôme is located in the Montreal Olympic Park; it is a walk-through tour of the four ecosystems found in the Americas. It is also an animal conservation and research center for rehabilitating injured animals and endangered species. Lastly, the Underground Mall is exactly like it sounds; it is a mall underground! You can get access to it from the metro when you’re in downtown Montreal and there are several sections that all connect with each other, each having as many as five floors. In all, there is plenty to see while in Montreal.

        While I am sad to say that spring break is over, I’m very happy with the memories made with my gals. It was an overall great trip and Montreal is definitely a place I would like to visit again. Maybe next time I’ll go when there aren’t several inches of snow on the ground. I left my heart and stomach in Montreal, and I hope everyone gets a chance to feel the way I did in this beautiful city.

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