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Vanessa Fath: Freshman Class President

Name: Vanessa Fath

Claim to fame: Freshman Class President

Hometown: Washington Township, New Jersey

Age: 18

Major: Fashion Design

Favorite animal: Flamingos

Song you’ll never get sick of hearing: “Dog Days Are Over” by Florence + The Machine

Involved in anything else on campus: SGA, HSA, FAA, PhilaU Models, Exercise Support Group

Favorite character: Princess Jasmine. She’s so sassy!

Favorite movie: Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs

Dream job: To open up my own boutique down at the shore, selling the clothes I make.

Something on your bucket list: To learn to speak Spanish and one day live in Spain.

Something you want people to know about you: I am very approachable and open-minded.

What made you want to be class President?: I like the idea of being the connector between students and faculty. I was involved in high school and like being involved with people.

Goals for the year as President?: To create and  maintain great relationships with my peers and to provide opportunities to enhance our freshman year experience.


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