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TV Review: “The Bold Type”

Three bodacious besties pursuing their dreams in the city that never sleeps… how can you not be glued to your television?  These three heroine Sutton, Jane, and Kat deal with the ups and downs of working at the global women’s magazine: Scarlet.  Scarlet is a stand in for Cosmopolitan and while the show is fiction, it is heavily influenced by the life of Joanna Coles.  Joanna occupied the role of editor-in-chief at Cosmopolitan, Joanna is also an executive producer in this Devil Wears Prada meets 21st century women’s revolution television show.  However, whereas in Devil Wears Prada where competitiveness in the fashion industry causes people’s ugly sides to come out and back stab others, The Bold Type shows the fashion industry in a positive light as the main characters support each other’s goals.



It’s all in the title.  Sutton, Jane, and Kat do not lack any boldness.  Like no other show each episode explores a revolutionary topic, that are happening out in the world as the episodes air!  The Bold Type pushes boundaries during what couldn’t be a better time to spread some inspiration. These strong women fight for what they believe in, even if it means ending up in jail which has not been off the table, one episode and all the women watching will feel ready to take on the world.  Although many of the topics are very heavy, it expels positive and empowering vibes. These three women don’t look at the world and complain about what is wrong with it, they go out and do something about it. Topics mentioned range from racism, rape, sexism, and much more that you will have to watch to find out.



While the show does have extremely binge-able romantic relationships, these storylines are not close in importance to these women’s goals and exploration of themselves.  Kat pursues her dreams as the social media director at Scarlet, while outside the work doors she is discovering who she truly is. Kat befriends a woman named Adena during her work for the magazine and ends up developing feelings for her.  We see Kat struggle with finding out she is not exactly who she thought she was. This representation is extremely important for those watching who are struggling with their sexual identities, to know they are not alone. Adena also plays a big role in the representation in The Bold Type.  Adena is a Muslim woman who we see get withheld at airports and screamed racial bigotry towards such as “towel head”. Many who aren’t Muslim don’t realize these issues are occurring out in the world, since they don’t target them directly. This representation of Adena opens people’s eyes that these issues are real and they are out there!


The Bold Type is a mix of drama and comedy with a strong sense of friendship.  Since this show is so unique I can’t say there is anything that would be a good comparison to it, that’s how special it truly is.  If you are a young woman out there, ready to make your mark in what seems as if it is a man’s world sometimes, this is the show for you!

Emily Smeriglio

Jefferson '22

None of us are free until we are all free
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