Think Pink!

The FIT museum in New York City holds wonderful exhibits that display different trends in fashion and style. One of the current exhibits is, “Pink the evolution of punk, pretty, powerful color”. The entire exhibit was filled with the most beautiful pink garments in the world. Displays discussed the color theory of pink and how the stigmas and theories arose around the color. It was so interesting to see how one color made its way through time and how it was put on the body to symbolize different things.

My favorite display was this Andres Courreges dress and coat from 1967. The late 60’s into the 70’s is my favorite time period and I love how these two garments look. They are sweet and funky and totally embody the groovy time period.

The other displays were just as wonderful and showed how versatile the color pink really is!

Duran Lantik created this vagina pantsuit for Janelle Monae for her music video for the song “Pynk” that came out last April; it was incredible.

Moschino has always been one to make a statement, these 2015 pink looks were inspired by everyone’s favorite childhood toys.

This Celine dress is known as “Lipstick fluid” and was created to embody gracefulness and maturity. The suit it is paired with a Raf Simmon’s creation that was made in 2011 to show pink in a more “masculine” manner.

The entire exhibit was really fascinating to see and I highly recommend checking it out the next time you’re in New York!