Staying Focused

Focus! We all have to admit at one point in our lives, we noticed ourselves not focusing or struggling to stay focus. At time it can be hard to stay focused in class, doing homework, at the gym, having conversations with others, and many more. Sometimes we don’t even notice we are just starring not doing anything until we look at the clock and realize an hour went by. It’s not always a bad thing to daydream and lose focus, but sometimes we lose too much time in our day from not focusing. Here are some tips on staying focused!

  1. 1. Meditation

    Mediation is a great way to focus your mind and clear any random thoughts. Meditation can come in many forms, and each form can be helpful to different people in different ways. Some forms of mediation can include; breathing exercises, You-Tubing a meditation video, yoga, or even just sitting quietly can repeating a mantra in your head. Meditation can help you notice those random thoughts in your head, appreciate them, but helps those thoughts to not get in the way of your daily tasks.

  2. 2. Taking study breaks

    Most of the time I see myself loosing focus when I am studying. Something that helps me stay focused while studying is just taking a quick five-minute break to move around, grab a snack, then sit back down to begin studying again. This helps me by keeping my body awake and aware of my surroundings. At times it can be hard to get in the zone while studying, so just let yourself take mini brain breaks. Taking study breaks also helps you retain the information you just studied.

  3. 3. Music

    For some people it is really helpful for them to have classical music playing in the background while studying and doing homework. At the gym people often listen to music to keep them motivated and focused on exercising.

  4. 4. Remind yourself of your goals

    Let’s be real at times the thoughts of “what’s happening” or “what am I even doing” pops into our head. When we lose sight of our goals, we become less focused on the given task. However, when you repeat your goal in your head you are able to focus better at the given task and have motivation to get it done. It is important to be mindful and focus on one task at a time to avoid getting distracted and thinking or worrying about other things. Try focusing on one task at a time!

  5. 5. Reward yourself

    Don’t forget to treat yo self! After a good study session, a workout, a class, or any given task it’s okay to reward yourself! Take some time to reflect on the task you just completed and be proud of yourself! Appreciate the little things in life, even if it is paying attention in lecture, or being attentive in conversations. Take some “me-time” to appreciate yourself, because you are pretty awesome!!

Yes, it can be very difficult to focus at times. It can be hard to stop the random thoughts that pop into your head or get distracted by the simplest things. When you are noticing yourself not focusing, just take a few deep breaths and try one of the tips above.