Ladies, the time is approaching….SPRING BREAK 2018. When you hear that you think yes! No classes, no homework, cute swimsuits but then the thought hits you - oh crap, I need to start pushing hard at the gym. Well, you’re not alone and starting early is THE BEST case-scenario. Have no fear, let me take care of the stress of finding a workout! Let’s be honest; when you think spring break or even summer the first thing that comes to mind is ABS. As much as we dread them, we secretly love them. But the thoughts still linger, what if I don’t feel it or how will I if I’m doing it right? To avoid the anxiety, I compiled a few of my personal favorites with instructions that you will definitely be feeling the next day. LET’S GET SPRING BREAK READY LADIES!


  • If you feel a burn, that’s okay! It means you’re doing the workout right!
  • Abs DO NOT come overnight, you put in work to see results!
  • EVERY GIRL’S BODY IS DIFFERENT! Feel confident in your own skin and use that drive to power through your workout!
  • Keep pushing and you’ll be on your way to SPRING BREAK READY! :)



  • Oblique Crunches - Complete on both sides
  • Extended Arm Crunches
  • Pull-In Knee-Ups
  • Spiderman Plank - Complete on both sides
  • Cross Body Crunch - Complete on both sides
  • Stutter Steps - Complete on both sides
  • Roll Ups
  • Russian Twists


3 Sets of 10 Reps:

Oblique Crunches

Start off by laying on your side with your legs bent. Put your arms behind your head and crunch into your side. Do 10 reps and switch to the other side.

Extended Arm Crunches

Bend your legs with your feet on the mat, keeping some space between them. Putting one hand over the other, use your core strength to push them through the opening between your bent legs. Continue that for 10 reps.

Pull-In Knee-Ups

Laying on your mat, start by extending your legs and arms. Bringing both your knees and legs up, wrap your arms around both your knees at the same time and then release, going back to your lying position. Repeat quickly for 10 reps.

Spiderman Plank

In an extended-arm plank position, bring one knee up on the outside of your body and bring it back. Repeat for 10 reps. After the 10 reps are done, do on the other side.

Cross Body Crunch

Laying on your mat, put your hands on the back of your head and start with bringing one leg up into your body and keep it there. With your opposite arm, crunch to that one side allowing your elbow to touch your knee. Repeat that for 10 reps and repeat on the other side.

Stutter Steps

To start, you want to stand up and with one leg in front of the other. The leg in front should have a slight bend while the back leg should be straight and extended. Extend your arms over your head and place one on top of the other. Bend your extended leg and bring it across your body while bringing yours hands down at the same time. Your hands should be hitting your knee at the same time. This move is done consecutively for 10 reps. After completing 10 reps on one leg, switch and repeat the same move!

Roll Ups

Lay down on your mat and relax your body. This exercise will HEAVILY rely on your core strength. Laying fully on your mat and legs straight, slowly start to pull yourself up into a seated position by using your core to roll up. After rolling up, slowly ease your body back down. To do this successfully, make sure you are not pulling yourself up by your neck.

Russian Twist

You’re almost there! Sit up and lean back with your legs off the ground and slightly bent. Keeping both your hands together (DO NOT INTERTWINE) bring them to one side of your body and then alternate continuously, using your sides to guide them. Make sure you’re core is in tight!




Oblique Crunches - http://gph.is/2ErTZtd