Snapchat is most definitely my favorite form of social media. I love the idea of using pictures as a conversation and even though they go away, I think it’s a cool way of communicating. That being said; however, last week I deleted it.

Being a freshman in college has been a wild experience, and now with finals I’m totally overwhelmed all the time. Using snapchat was an easy way to talk to my friends and get my complaints out, but it was also super time consuming. I spent way too much time looking at stories and snapping dumb videos to people. Though it’s only been a week without it, I think I now spend way less time on my phone and get distracted way less. I still have Instagram and Facebook to waste time on but since those are feeds they can get repetitive and boring kind of quickly. Deleting snapchat was a great decision for me, especially with finals happening, and I think it was a good way to test my social life a little as well.