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With Autumn upon us, more rainy days are following close behind. Being stuck inside all day with not much to do can really down your mood and leave you feeling unmotivated. However, rainy days are perfect for a lot of things! Below is a short list of things that I find boosts my mood on a lonely rainy day.

1.     Drink Orange Juice!

Orange juice is packed with vitamin D, which is not only healthy for you, but is a necessary part of your diet. Essentially, it’s sunshine in a glass! A boost of vitamin D always helps me when there isn’t much shining down from the sky.


2.     Start a new show on Netflix

Or, finish an old one! Netflix is filled with TV shows that appeal to all different types of people. Give the one you’ve been waiting to watch a try while you’re, most likely, lying in bed all day.


3.     Take some time to yourself.

Life can be very stressful and sometimes it’s necessary to take a “me day.” Spend the day doing something you love whether that be writing, painting, watching movies, or sleeping!


4.     Open the shades.

Let as much light into your room as possible. Even if it’s a dreary day, open windows give the illusion of a larger space and make you feel less like you wasted your whole day indoors.


5. Take a nap.

Turn on a fan; snuggle up under a cozy blanket and let the pitter-patter of the rain ease you to sleep. Dinking a cup of tea before sleeping can warm your bodyand make you feel even cozier and more relaxed!


Cora Burns

Jefferson '20

Trying to figure it out and writing about it as I go.
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