Profile: Destiney-Amber Rodriguez

Name: Destiney-Amber Rodriguez

Class: 2019

Major: Health Sciences

Hometown: Los Angeles, CA baby!


What made you want to move all the way here for school from California?

I’m the first girl in my family to choose to go the traditional route and attend a university. I have always been pretty independent so when I was looking at schools, I targeted my search to schools on the East Coast. College goes by so fast that I figured what a great adventure it might be to live somewhere different for school. My family and I are very close, so they were very supportive with my decision to go East – but it doesn’t mean I miss them any less! Through the power of the internet I found Philadelphia University (now Jefferson), got accepted, packed my bags, and left. Three years later and I’m still here, happy with the decision I made!

Destiney and her sister Summer.

What was the hardest thing to get used to living on the East Coast?

One of the hardest things was that of the cultural differences. I grew up in a predominantly Latino neighborhood, so I was used to eating at certain restaurants and interacting with certain backgrounds. It was something to get used to but being here, I have tried certain foods and seen things that I would have never seen before had I not come. I do get the occasional IN-N-OUT cravings though L


What are you involved in on campus?

I have been a Rambassador for about two years now, meaning that if you ever see me on campus talking to a couple of wide-eyed parents and their kids, it means I’m giving a tour. I am also an RA, currently living in Fortess Hall, a first year all girls housing. I am also on the community standards board here at Jefferson.


What made you want to be an RA?

I feel like I’m an all-around outgoing person. As an RA I can utilize my social skills in order to talk to residents and try to help them get out of their shell. I remember being a freshman and coming from so far, not knowing anyone. I was not as close to my RA as others in the hall but she was always around if I ever had any questions and needed help. I see myself as a resource academically and personally, willing to be of assistance if anyone needs it.


What’s the hardest part of being an RA?

The hardest part is knowing that I’m not just an RA in the hall but seen as one all over campus and off by my residents. Even when my current residents are no longer mine, they will always see me as “the RA” which is a weird thing to be remembered by since it’s just a small part of my life.

Destiney hanging with her favorite pup.

What’s the most rewarding part of being an RA?

When the girls come to me for advice. It could be personal or academic but being a resource for someone to come to if they need guidance is a pretty cool thing.


Is there anything you want your residents to know about you that they don’t yet?

I have an irrational fear of squirrels. Ever since I was a kid, they have just scared me. It doesn’t stop my friends and family from sending pictures of them to me though.


Do you have any advice for students interested in applying to be an RA?

Don’t overthink the questions being asked when interviewing! When asked about how you have overcome certain difficult situations, think about your personal life, not just the academic one. It’s all connected anyway!


Do you know any fun jokes?

I was re-watching the office finale and when this scene came on I simultaneously cried and laughed: