Notes on being positive

Having a positive outlook on life is something everyone strives for and is also something so hard to achieve with all of life’s baggage seeming to constantly smack you in the face. Looking at something bad and being able to recognize its silver lining or looking at something negative in your life and realizing you don’t want it there are both important realizations.

Lately, I’ve seen so many posts on social media about people aiming to be more positive and detox their lives of negative situations and people.

I’m really excited for this trend of self-love and positivity, but I know how hard it can be. The best advice I ever got about having a positive attitude towards life was that “positivity comes through thinking in positive waves”.

Instead of using statements with “don’t, “stop” and “not”, try focusing on saying things like “try”, “be”, and “do”. Just a simple switch in your vocabulary will move your mindset in a whole new direction. Leading your thoughts with positive words will lead to more positive actions!