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My Favorite Ice Cream Facts

1. Clint Eastwood ran for mayor in the city of Carmel, California. He campaigned against an ordinance banning the sale of ice cream and he actually won.


2. Hawaiian punch wasn’t always a drink. It was originally an ice cream topping. Yeah, we don’t know how we feel about this either.


3. Ben & Jerry’s has a real physical graveyard in Vermont for all retired ice cream flavors.


4. About 98% of U.S. families have ice cream in their fridges, at all times.


5. 19% of Americans say they eat ice cream in bed. 3% say that they eat ice cream in the bathtub.


6. The major ingredient in ice cream is air!


7. The ice cream cone was an accident. The cone didn’t appear until 1904, when a Syrian waffle maker at the St. Louis World’s Fair began rolling his pastries into horns to help an ice cream vendor who had run out of dishes.


8. More ice cream is sold on Sundays than any other day of the week.


9. The world’s first batch of chocolate chip cookie dough ice cream was made by Ben & Jerry’s, inspired by an anonymous note left on their flavor suggestion board.


10. Rupert Grint’s first ambition was to be an “Ice Cream Man” and he bought an ice cream truck with the money he earned from the Harry Potter movies.


11. The most expensive sundae is the Golden Opulence Sundae at Serendipity 3 in New York, New York at $1000.


12. Former British Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher was a part of the team that first invented the method of making soft serve ice cream.


13. In 1985, the biggest ice cream sundae was made in California. It stood twelve feet tall and was made with 4,667 gallons of ice Cream. (A twelve foot tall ice cream sundae could make about 70,000 regular size sundaes. That’s a lot of ice cream!)


14. Immigrants at Ellis Island were served ice cream as part of the welcoming to America.


15. Market analysts confirmed that ice cream sales increase many times during times of recession or wars proving that it is the ultimate comfort food.


16. Ice cream testers use gold spoons to be able to taste the product 100% without a slight percentage of ‘after-taste’ from typical spoons.


17. Hawaii has a fruit known as the ice cream bean or the monkey tamarind that actually tastes like vanilla ice cream!


18. 1 out of 5 people share ice cream with their pet.


19. An average dairy cow can produce enough milk in her lifetime to make a little over 9,000 gallons of ice cream.


20. The U.S. ice cream industry generates more than $21 billion in annual sales.




Abbey is a student at Philadelphia University where she is studying graphic design. In her free time, she loves to be at the beach, travel to new places (especially in Philly), and play board games with friends.
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