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Music Makes for a Night to Remember

Getting to experience live music is a feeling like no other. It is an ethereal and altering feeling that makes individuals live in the now and open themselves up to the honesty and beauty of music. Listening to an artist you love in person creates irreplaceable moments. On October 23, I got to see Sir Sly, one of my favorite bands, live at the Theater of Living Arts.

Theater of Living Arts is located on South Street in Philly, a vibrant and eclectic neighborhood filled with thrift shops, record stores, art, and one of a kind restaurants. I had never been to TLA before but I was pumped to see my newest musical addiction. Others may know Sir Sly for alternative hits like “And Run” and “High.” While headed to Lorenzo and Sons, an infamous pizza place with huge slices, I spotted the lead singer of Sir Sly, Landon Jacobs, on the street! Being the fangirl I am, I of course asked for a picture. While they are not an extremely mainstream band yet, I was starstruck.

From the second I arrived at the venue, I could feel the anticipation and excitement in the air. I made sure I got there early enough to get a spot up front. Eager fans were in line, talking about songs they wished to hear. Sir Sly’s opening act, Flora Cash was amazing and the few songs they performed really resonated with me. One of the best feelings is discovering new music that you connect to so I have been listening to them since. As soon as Sir Sly came onto the stage, the crowd was electrified. They played song after song, with most around me not missing a word or beat. I was thrilled when they played “You Haunt Me,” one of my all-time favorite songs that is off of their first album. I loved every second of the concert while singing along and dancing the whole time. It was a beautiful experience, hearing some of my most loved music in person and just being able to forget about everything else for a few hours. I feel so at home during concerts, as they provide an escape and a magical atmosphere. As an avid concert goer, I can attest to the fact that this was one of the best I have been to. Sir Sly did not disappoint and I will definitely go see them again when the come back to Philly.

Isobel Moyer

Jefferson '22

I am a Physician Assistant Major at Jefferson University. Lover of music, fitness, planet earth, activism, and coffee!
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