Movie Review

I’m here for another movie review, and like the first one I did (called Embrace), it’s a documentary found on Netflix. Period. End of Sentence. is a 26 minute, Oscar winning documentary that is 100% worth the watch. The documentary takes place in rural India, where there is a stigma behind menstruation. Part of the documentary discusses the fact that many people in India, mostly men, have no idea what menstruation is and the toll it takes on the female. The documentary then goes in to the entrepreneurship of a few woman who developed a low-cost sanitary pad that really improved the quality of life of many women.

I was very shocked and completely moved by this film. It was so deserving of an Oscar because it really brought to light the difficulties females face all over the world. For example, one woman in India had to drop out of school because she didn’t have any disposable form of sanitation and it was too much to be changing the strip of cotton constantly.

Films like this make me realize how lucky we are. Even though sanitation and female hygiene products should be less expensive and more widely available, I couldn’t even imagine going through what these women go through. It is truly inspiring, and I highly recommend giving it a watch.