Meet the Staff: Emily Kostick

Name: Emily Kostick

Major: Health Sciences/Physician Assistant Studies

Hometown: Staten Island, New York



1. What made you come to Jefferson for school?

The recent merger with Thomas Jefferson University was one of the main reasons why I chose to come to Jefferson. New science buildings, research opportunities and graduate school connections definitely made this location an ideal place to attend. I plan on becoming a Physician Assistant, hopefully working in a Cardiology department after graduate school.

2. What made you join HC?

Although I plan on joining a career in the healthcare industry, I have always loved writing. In grade school, writing essays had always come easy to me when other students would complain about how reading and writing were a significant struggle for them. I thoroughly enjoyed being able to discuss my thoughts in a coherent fashion. Whether or not I chose to keep my writing personal or share it to the public has always been a struggle for me, as writing is a sentiment I plan on keeping forever. As a result, I joined Her Campus my fall semester freshman year in hopes of finding empowering women who shared a passion for writing as I did. I wanted to find a creative outlet on my campus in which I considered to be a safe space and make some friends along the way.

3. What’s been you’re favorite thing about being in HC?

Aside from the writing to which I find very therapeutic, I recently became features editor for out campus chapter. This was a very important feat to me because I love to be inspired by others experiences, their emotions and voices. In high school I was an editor for the school newspaper and found no interest in the bland, mandated topics we were required to discuss. As features editor, the freedom for creativity is endless and while there are some reasonable limits, there is a wide variety of topics to discuss!

4. What are most excited for this year in HC?

I’m really excited to see our chapter expand, although we are a smaller University, we had a decent number of girls sign up at our involvement fair. A majority of the girls in which inspired me to join are graduating, but hopefully some new fresh faces will keep the legacy going on.

5. What would you tell others if they’re were curious about HC?

This is your chance to express yourself. If you’re not one who ideally enjoys time in the spotlight but loves to write, Her Campus is definitely for you. A team of strong and friendly women will always be there to guide you along the way with any creative struggles you may have and inspire you to continue through your academic endeavors.