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Marching Into Spring Like…

Spring has come up on us and a bit quick. I was not expecting to March into it so quickly (I am sorry bad pun haha, but I had to do it). With it becoming spring soon I see an increase in my mood because the sun is out a bit longer and I am quite the “sun child”, it is almost like in a sense I get to show my true self because I know longer am cold and bundled up in many layers trying to survive the winter season. Some of my favorite things to do in the spring is the following:

1. Go through my closet and ask friends if they would like anything I am trying to donate.

2. Update my wardrobe by doing a thrift haul

3. My birthday is in March so like splurging a little in stores I normally stay away from because I am a huge thriftier

4. Make a list of things I would like to do in the summer

5. Evaluate end of semester goals

6. Change the layout of my room if I feel like there is something I would like to add or change.

7. Declutter, I get rid of everything I have not used in the winter.

8. Try to be outdoors more

          a. For me that means picnics, hikes, biking, walking, running, or just simply doing homework outside.

I am just a pre-med student who has a big passion for all things public health, lover of the sun, and tea!
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