Little Brands That Matter

The Dover street Market

This weekend I had the amazing opportunity to go into New York City for Fashion week! Seeing the shows was absolutely incredible and loved the entire energy of all things fashion. Being in NYC we had so many opportunities to explore and see all that New York has to offer. Dover street Market is an incredible multi-brand selling market that started in London and now has locations all over the world.


Gucci and Supreme Displays


Dover street market sells incredible brands and really focuses on giving shoppers a full experience when they go floor to floor. Floors had one or multiple brands, but each section was set up in extremely interesting and aesthetically pleasing ways. Even though I wasn’t actually shopping, it was so fun to see all the displays and see up and coming designs from so many different brands. Everything was so unique and fun! I loved how there were actual art displays to go along with how the garments were displayed.

Art displays in the market