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Jessica Buckley

Jessica Buckley is a senior Marketing major here at Jefferson. While heavily involved in her studies, she is a sister of the Delta Phi Epsilon sorority, enjoys working out daily and is an all-around genuine person. I decided for this profile to focus on her and her reasons for coming to Jefferson.

“Why did you choose to attend Philadelphia University (Jefferson)?”

            I fell in love with the location, the look and feel that Philadelphia University offered. I loved that the school was small so you could create more personal relationships with your professors.  I also was a little nervous to go too far from home, so PhilaU was the best option for me.

“What is your major and why did you choose it?”

            My major is marketing.  I chose marketing because I like working with people. I like that marketing offers me the ability to take a problem and find the solution in a creative manner. I also love interpersonal communication, so dealing with people is a specialty of mine.

“Where do you see yourself going after college?”

            After college, I probably will either go into brand management or corporate event planning.

“If you didn’t pursue your major, what else would have you chose to do?”

            If I wasn’t a marketing major, I would either focus on a cosmetic career path or an athletic path.

Registered unicorn and obsessive dog-lover. Fun fact: It takes me at least fifteen minutes to figure out an outfit daily.
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