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How You Can be Eco-Friendly This Semester!

It’s no secret the climate crisis is starting to take over the news, as it should. With global temperatures getting higher and higher, something needs to be done to stop climate change. You might be thinking, “I’m just one person, I can’t help.” But in fact, you can…and in bigger ways than you think. Here are some tips to start the journey of being eco-friendlier, especially on campus:


1. Get a reusable straw

500 million straws are used every day in the US. Based on this average, a person uses approximately 600 straws per year. Just by purchasing and using a metal straw, you are saving hundreds of plastic straws each year and could save up to 38,000 straws or more during the rest of your lifetime.


2. Reduce plastic use

Try to practice habits that avoid excessive plastic use. For example, bringing your own bags to the grocery store and carrying around a reusable straw or water bottle!


3. Use a reusable water bottle

Americans use 50 BILLION water bottles per year. Think about all of those water bottles and where they will be disposed. 10% of plastic ends up in the ocean. If you must use a plastic water bottle, dispose of it correctly!


4. Eat less meat

Agriculture is actually one of the main causes of greenhouse gas and pollution through fossil fuel burning. In addition, it takes more than 2,400 gallons of water for just ONE POUND of beef. Think about how much water you are saving just by not consuming a hamburger for dinner. Start with meatless Monday’s and go from there.


5. Thrift!

Believe it or not, fast fashion is also a major contributor to pollution. Not only does thrifting protest fast fashion, but it’s also cheaper than buying new clothes! I’ve found a ton of cool and unique pieces that I could’ve never gotten in a store. Plus, reusing clothes is so much better for the environment than constantly buying new things.


These are just a few things you can do to help the environment! Climate change is REAL and global warming is increasing quickly, so we must start loving our mother earth and taking better care of her. We only have one planet! Do what you can to help and remember that even the slightest change can make a difference!

Marina Hatem

Jefferson '22

second year nursing student big believer in #girlpower lover of tea, yoga, crystals, & the color yellow
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