How to Handle Midterm Stress

So, the inevitable time has finally arrived. Exams every week, assignments piling up and responsibilities at your every beck and call. It can feel like you’re under a microscope with nowhere to hide, but knowing how to appropriately plan and manage yourself during this stressful time is key to success.


1. Start studying early!

* Students tend to fall into the habit of procrastinating until the last second to get their work done, or fail to leave enough time for themselves to comprehend the material. Starting to review earlier for your exams will leave you feeling more confident once exam time rolls around.


2. Create a schedule!

* As students, we have numerous responsibilities that consume our day to day life. Following a schedule for studying, your social life, and managing your habits is an easy and effective tool to make sure you are completing all of your goals on time.


3. Make some time for yourself

* Cramming for exams isn’t ideal, but when you do, make sure to study information in smaller increments. Our brains retain information better when we study material in short pieces rather than larger chunks! Between your study breaks, listen to some music or have a snack. Don’t set yourself up for burnout!


Midterms season is a difficult time for everyone, knowing your limits, how to budget your time and practicing good self-care are ideal ways to get you through the day.


Best of luck!