How to Form Healthy Habits

It can feel incredibly difficult to commit to something as you get other. How many more times are you going to say “I’m going to start eating healthier” or “I’m going to get up early” until enough is enough?


One of the most commons causes of discouragement is seeing gurus online advertising their success and how fantastic their healthy habits is. While social media is only a teeny tiny part of the problem, I ask that when you observe these posts online, that you reflect in a positive manner how you can change rather than wishing it were even possible.


Another misconception: “I cant’s”

Challenge yourself in these situations, you can’t do it or you won’t do it? We always have a choice when it comes to improving the quality of our lives and it’s up to you to do better and live better for you, not for anyone else.


As a college student, I have a set routine in place every morning to track myself. Repetitive behaviors such as brushing your teeth, doing a facemask and taking care of your surroundings are simple habits that should be a base level for everyone who is seeking clarity in their life.


Expect obstacles on your journey of forming a new habit. No one is perfect, and everyone can have a slip-up once in a while. Don’t take it as a major loss rather than a learning experience. Get your friends and family involved in your new life change and inform others of your plan to form a new habit as a sense of motivation.


As Meredith Grey would say “Make a plan. Set a Goal. Work Toward It.”

You can do it!