HC Book List

With the temperature dropping and the leaves changing, often nothing sounds better than cozying up in bed with a mug of hot chocolate. While most of us usually turn to our latest Netflix obsession during these chilly days, why not put the laptop away and pick up a good, old-fashioned book? The idea of picking out the perfect book can be daunting, read on to see what some of my tried and true favorites are:


If you’re in the mood to laugh:

            Where’d You Go, Bernadette?

            When 15-year-old Bee’s mom, Bernadette, disappears, she decides to search for where she might have gone, using past correspondences to figure it out. Set in Seattle, this             book is hilarious and heartwarming, straight through to the end. Fun for anyone, but does have some extra cool moments if you’re into architecture or TED Talks.

If Gossip Girl was your favorite show:             Crazy Rich Asians

            Rachel Chu is invited to spend her summer in Singapore with her boyfriend, Nick Young, and his family. However, it quickly becomes obvious that the Young’s can only be             classified as crazy and rich. The drama – and hilarity - that ensues follows several members of the Young family over the summer. This is the start of a trilogy, so you can keep going if you’re a fan of the first one!

If you always look to the best seller lists:


With the stress of grad school and a possible-fiancée she’s not sure about, this nameless narrator leaves behind the pressure to try and figure out what she really wants in life, going at it one day at a time. This is a relatable read for most of us in college who are just trying to figure out what we want to do. A cathartic read, it might help you feel more relaxed about your own life.

If you want to remember a high school favorite:

            The Perks of Being a Wallflower

            A teenage classic that turned into a great movie, this book follows high school freshman Charlie as he writes letters to an unknown pen pal. Readers are with Charlie as he finds             some best friends in Sam and Patrick, gets his first girlfriend, and deals with his past issues. An emotional rollercoaster, this book will bring you back to the times before you had to worry about midterms, career fairs, and finding internships.

If you like the classics:

            Flowers for Algernon

            First published in 1966, this novel still pulls in great reviews and copies are continually sold. Flowers is narrated by Charlie, a man who takes part in an amazing experimental procedure that increases his IQ and suddenly makes him one of the smartest men alive. This experiment is first done on Algernon, a mouse, who Charlie watches as his own progress begins, at least until Algernon begins to deteriorate. A moving, interesting novel, this one deserves a spot on your bookshelf.

If you need a good cry:

            The Art of Racing in the Rain

            Enzo, the narrator, is a fan of race cars, loves his family, and…is a dog. This unusual point of you is written with compassion and you immediately feel love for this family and Enzo. While it is funny and inspiring, this is also a heartbreaking story that won’t leave a single dry eye in any reader.


Hopefully these are a good starting point, but if you are ever looking for a similar book to something else you loved that might not be on this list, a great website for suggestions is http://www.whatshouldireadnext.com