My main goal with the conclusion of my freshman year of college was to grow and improve as a person.

I went into the summer with a positive mindset, ready to make changes. I parted ways with those that were toxic to my wellbeing. I felt as if there were many blessings in disguise, even if I did not see that at first.

Despite some lows, I reached ultimate highs and made huge steps towards my future. I became a certified EMT and gained a greater insight into healthcare. It was a big accomplishment, as it took hard work and dedication. Along with that, I decided to focus more on myself than ever before. I learned how important self care and self appreciation is. I have a long way to go but I feel I have made great strides in understanding who I am as a person. I have realized I need to celebrate my accomplishments and learn from my weaknesses.

Coming into my sophomore year, I feel I am better version of myself. I have gained self love and self acceptance. I’m ready to take on my second year with my goals set high. For me, now I am trying to make growth a constant factor in my life.