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With midterms coming up, I find it really important to make sure that I stay motivated on my work. Listening to music can really put me in the zone and make the time pass so much faster. I know I like to have a playlist for every occasion from a night out, to getting ready, to studying for exams. I find my study songs to be chill so I can still focus on whatever I am doing at the time. Since my music is constantly changing, I love to find new songs or get recommendations from friends! These are some of the songs I have in my study playlist and thought they would be great to share.

Below are my top 45 songs!

  1. Strangers – Mt Joy (Just came out and is my current fav!)  

  2. Lowkey – Niki

  3. Corduroy Dreams – Rex Orange County (people use this song on TikTok!)

  4. Bad Habit – The Kooks  

  5. Reputation – Roy Thomas Baker

  6. High – Sir Sly 

  7. Don’t Mind – Louis the Child (love almost all their songs)  

  8. Habit – Still Woozy  

  9. Devil Like Me – Rainbow Kitten Surprise (weird band name, but great songs)

  10. Dirty Love – Mt Joy

  11. Baby Blue – Rence

  12. Cherry – Harry Styles (forever my celeb crush!)

  13. Crush Culture – Conan Gray

  14. Only Child – Tierra Whack

  15. Goodbye – Russ

  16. We’re Going To Be Friends – The White Stripes

  17. Passionfruit – Drake

  18. Equal Mind – Beach house

  19. Never – Christian Leave

  20. Happy – Roy Blair

  21. Lose It – SWMRS

  22. Girl Crush – Harry Styles (not the original version)

  23. Big Jet Plane – Angus & Julia Stone

  24. La Song – Lewis Watson

  25. Eastside – Grace Grundy

  26. Signs – Drake

  27. Please Notice – Christian Leave

  28. Imported – Jessie Reyez

  29. Walk on the Wild Side – Jordan Mackampa

  30. A Drop In The Ocean – Ron Pope (an old favorite of mine!)

  31. Coloring Outside The Lines – MisterWives

  32. Stunner – Milky Chance

  33. Wrong Time – Hippie Sabotage

  34. Shhh, The Dog is Sleeping – Ezra Bell

  35. Late in Love – Souly Had

  36. Crazy For Your Love – JAWNY

  37. Coffee Joel Adams

  38. Unbearably White – Vampire Weekend

  39. Neon Moon – Cigarettes After Sex

  40. British Bombs – Declan Mckenna

  41. I Think Your Nose Is Bleeding – The Front Bottoms

  42. Oh Ms Believer – Twenty One Pilots

  43. Twice – Feed Me Jack

  44. Sunday Best – Surfaces

  45. Dark Red – Steve Lacy

I hope you got to find at least one new song you can implement into your own playlist! Remember to treat yourself to some dance breaks when you are studying. My best friend and I always make sure to set 10 minute breaks for us to chat, listen to music, and dance to TikToks. Good luck studying for midterms…you got this!

Megan Manderson

Jefferson '21

Hello, my name is Megan and I am junior fashion merchandising and management major!
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