Fun Dates That Don't Break the Bank

          Everybody loves the stereotypical fancy dinner type of dates, but when you’re in college, sometimes that doesn’t fit into the budget. Being on a budget means getting creative when you want to spend time with your significant other. So instead of being bad and boujee, this is going to be a list of easy dates that are either inexpensive or free!

1. Diners Galore

          All across Philly (and a little bit into Jersey), there are hole in the wall diners just waiting for you to indulge in their good food. A couple inexpensive options I know are good are:

  • South Street Diner (South Street, Philly)
  • Kitchen 87 (Mount Holly, NJ)
  • Rose Petals Café (Germantown, Philly)

          There are chains like Perkins, but it’s more adventurous and fun to try to find these unique little places.

2. Sculpture Gardens Fun

          Even after the Philadelphia Museum of Art closes for the night, it is still a fun place to take a stroll around, get some ice cream now that the weather is warmer, and take silly photos around the fountains and sculptures. There is a center lot to park in for free, and then you can just walk around. There are several parks within walking distance, and this can just be a nice evening out!

3. Take a Hike!

          Put on your walking shoes and find a hiking trail! For those local to Philly, there is the Pennypack Park in Northeast Philly, or the Wissahickon trail in East Falls. If you’re in New Jersey at all, there is a historic park called Smithville that is also really fun to walk through and make your own fun!

4. Spa Day

          Last but not least, you can just not go outside at all! Have a little treat yourself day with some $1 clay masks and binge-watching Netflix. You don’t always need to go outside of your apartment/house to have a nice date with your significant other. Just being around them and spending quality time is important as well, even if you’re just lounging on the couch eating snacks.

          And those are my suggestions for fun dates on a budget! I hope you and your significant other enjoy these suggestions and enjoy your time together. Being in a relationship doesn’t mean you have to spend so much money in order for your relationship to be “great”. Appreciating each other and their presence is more important than how much money you spend on each other.