Downerss Boutique

 Not too long ago, I had the pleasure of going into Fishtown with my sorority and while we were there we visited this cute little boutique called Downerss. Located on Frankford Ave, this aesthetically pleasing shop has all of the up to date trends in fashion, jewelry, and more. Run by boss women, they sell everything a girl could need to feel her best self. It isn’t a shock that I went in there empty handed and left with plenty of stuff.

  Before I get into all the details about my haul, I want to mention this amazing factor about this boutique. One of their employees is actually an alum sister of Delta Phi Epsilon at Jefferson. Her name is Cassie O’Toole, and she graduated with a degree in Fashion Design. This girl is crazy talented, and it shows through her work. Luckily, you can buy what she makes! Cassie started Cassie’s Shop on Etsy, upcycling thrifted clothes and fully revamping them into something totally unique. Now that she works at Downerss, she gets to sell her stuff in an actual store! It is amazing that this boutique also provided an opportunity for local designers to get their work out there.

  Now for what we’ve all been waiting for: the clothes! The first two things I picked up were not surprisingly from Cassie’s Shop! Both the top and skirt spoke to me, and it was a must that I get both of them. The top had these cords that you can tie or loosen to get different effects for the sleeve, and was slightly cropped. It’s a nice and simple silhouette, which makes it perfect for any outfit. The skirt was absolutely a perfect fit, and I’ve been looking all over for a cute black denim skirt, so it was fate.

  The last thing I got was this lightweight military styled camo jacket. It was something I never thought I would buy, because I didn’t think camo fit with my aesthetic. Once I tried it on, I fell in love. Super comfy and easy to layer, this jacket was a perfect choice for the fall season.

  I highly suggest everyone taking a trip to Fishtown to visit this boutique. The prices are a little high, but it is still worth the trip. Their hours are Monday & Tuesday – CLOSED, Wednesday to Saturday - 11AM – 6PM, and Sunday - 11AM - 5PM. It is so easy to find key wardrobe pieces to spice up your next outfit. You won’t regret it!