Date Ideas

Running out of ideas for dates? Feeling like your relationship is getting kinda boring? Want to surprise your significant other with a fun date? Well keep on reading below for some awesome date ideas!

  1. 1. Game Night

    Don’t feel like spending a lot of money? Find some snacks and board games around the house and then *bam* there’s a fun date for a low-key night! It’s inexpensive and who doesn’t love a nice long and sometimes heated game of Monopoly?

  2. 2. Bowling

    Bowling is still an inexpensive date idea and will always bring many laughs. For more laughs, try bowling without bumpers and challenge each other to not get gutter balls!

  3. 3. Take a hike

    Who doesn’t love a good nature walk? It’s a great time of year to take a walk and appreciate the colors of the leaves changing. If you have a dog, bring the dog with! Everyone loves spending time with a cute dog! If you want your date to last longer, pack a picnic lunch! Find a nice spot on the grass or a picnic table to sit down and enjoy your lunch.

  4. 4. Fro-Yo

    On a time crunch, but still want to spend time with your significant other? Go for some fro-yo...who doesn’t love serving yourself frozen yogurt and making it how you want it? Add as much fro-yo as you want, then head on over to put as many toppings on as you want!

  5. 5. Baking Night

    Have a bake off! This is another cheap date idea where you can just find the ingredients in your house or run to the store real quick to buy them. You can either decide to bake together or make it a little friendly competition to see who can bake the better bake good!

This is just a short list of inexpensive date ideas for you and your significant other! There are plenty other ideas such as take an art class, do a 5k together, or go to the arcade! Plenty of creative date ideas out there. Now go grab your significant other or even just a friend and go try one of the fun activities!