Coffee shops near Jefferson I love

I was never really into coffee before I came to college; I was pretty content with getting a mocha iced coffee from Dunkin’ and calling it a day. However, once I came to Philly, it became thing to do to go out for coffee, either to do work or just sit and hang out. Of course, now things have changed and it’s a lot harder to relax in a public space, but there are still so many coffee shops doing to go and online orders to keep their businesses alive. There are so many within walking distance or even a few that only take about 5 minutes to drive to. I recommend them all!  (Each has gluten free and vegan options as well!)

East Falls:

Vault and Vine (Midvale Ave)

         V&V opened up right when I started here at Jefferson and I have so many memories there! They are part green house, part shop, and part coffee shop! All their items for sale are by Philly artists and their flower shop and greenhouse sell beautiful plants. They have a really great work environment and the coffee and pastries are so tasty. Since COVID, their hours have been a little weird, but they are doing online ordering! They are located so close to campus that it’s practically a sin not to try their coffee.

Thunder mug (Ridge Ave)

         Thunder mug is also fairly new, and I was happy that another coffee spot opened up so close to school. Their store front is really small, and I’ve only been there since there hasn’t been indoor seating, but you can call in an order and it will be ready in about 5 minutes which is really convenient. Their coffee is pretty good but what I really loved from them was their fresh squeezed lemonade over the summer. They are located on Ridge Ave, which is also pretty close to campus, and right across from Kelly Drive so it’s the perfect place to grab a coffee and go for a nice walk.


Germantown Espresso Bar (Maplewood Mall)

         This is absolutely my favorite place to get coffee and breakfast. They have the most amazing vegan apple sausage breakfast sandwich that I think about daily. Their space is so cozy and cute, and I miss spending time inside, but they do have a great back porch to sit out on these days! I also recommend looking here for music events when COIVD dies down because they have a really cool upstairs section where they often have Philly artists play.

Uncle Bobbies (Germantown Ave)

         Uncle Bobbies’ doubles as a café + bookstore and I am in love with their space. The walls are lined with books, there are tons of squashy armchairs, and their coffee is so good. It is a Black owned business and it celebrates Black artists, authors, and community members. They have some really great books for sale as well as some great merch to support Black artists. They are currently allowing people in their space to pick up orders but not stay and sit.

Ultimo (Wayne Ave)

         Ultimo is a great place to go before the weather gets too cold because they have a decent amount of space for outdoor seating. They have some of the best coffee and they even have beans for sale for you to take home and make your own! They are located in an area that has some pretty houses, so I recommend going there for a nice afternoon as well.  They have multiple loctions in Philly as well so be sure to check them all out!


Valero (Main Street)

         Manayunk has a ton of coffee shops, but these two are my favorite! Both are located on Main street and though they are definitely a little pricier than the other places on this list, they have some fun coffee drinks as well as just regular brews. Valero is a super cool place to sit inside or outside because they have a really big space that I think is also rented out for other purposes. The people here are so nice and their coffee smoothie things are sooo good.  

Volo (Main Street)

         Volo is always poppin with people, so I haven’t been in a while, but their coffee and café options are so good. There is a bike/walking trail right behind their shop so it’s a nice place to spend the day as well!