Cindy Ferraino

Meet Philadelphia College of Textiles and Science Alumni Cindy Ferraino ‘95 AKA MY MOM!


Maiden Name: Cindy Keenan

Degree: B.S. Accounting

Graduation Year: 1995


Cindy Ferraino, formally known as Cindy Keenan is a Jefferson University Alumni, when it was formerly known as Philadelphia University (PhilaU) and Philadelpha College of Textiles and Science (PCT&S). She graduated in 1995 with a Bachelor’s in Accounting. Her most known role know is being my wonderful momma.



How did you hear about Jefferson? What made you come here?

My mom, Barbara Keenan was attending Textile and I took the ride with her one evening when she was going to class.  Immediately,  I fell in love with the campus!



What were you thoughts/feelings about being a transfer student?

Pros: looking for a new experience, commuters were just as nice as residents.  My three friends that I met and am still friends with were transfers like me. 

Cons: the traffic heading from Jersey to Philly. 



What did campus look like back in the 90’s?

Not as many buildings…especially the parking garage and the Kanbar.



What were you involved in on campus?

I got involved pretty quickly!  I worked on campus in the SGA office and got involved in clubs and activities. 



How did you feel about your daughter coming here? Do you get excited coming back?

Lyndsey fell in love with campus as soon as she stepped on it like I did.  I wanted her to like the school because she did and not because of me. 

Yes, I do get excited when I go back.  Sounds corny, I know.  I already had my college experience so I am blessed to be able to watch Lyndsey make her own experiences and memories just like I did.



How different is it being back on campus?

The campus…except for Ronson has changed so much.  When I post pictures about the campus, my friends say the same thing.



Looking back, if you knew about Jefferson (formerly PCT&S) as a prospective freshman, would’ve you have gone sooner? 

Yes and No. Yes…to meet new people and not have to deal with the traffic. No … When I transferred in,  I was fortunate to meet my friends who were transfers as well.  These girls were the best and I would never change that.



***Shoutout to my mother for being AWESOME and doing this interview!***