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Best Coffee Shop to Study Nearby

While studying in the library can be great in its own way, sometimes it feels good to get off campus to get some work done. There are a lot of different options around if you want to take a little trip to buy some great coffee while studying for finals.


1: Pilgrim

This fairly new coffee shop at the beginning of Main St. in Manayunk is my new personal favorite. Any coffee or espresso items you buy there are roasted in house, which can be seen in through the windows of the shop. You can get your drinks in coffee mugs that make for a very good Instagram moment amongst your studying.

2: Vault and Vine

A campus favorite this year, Vault and Vine, on Midvale, is close enough to campus that you can walk if you want. While they have great coffee and pastries, there’s an extra element to it as this shop doubles as a green house. If you need to take a break from your work, you can walk around and pick out your favorite plants!

3: Volo

While I’ve personally never been to Volo, if you check online there are nothing but positive reviews. If you’ve ever passed by it in Manayunk, it’s always bustling and looks like a cozy place to go to get some work done at the end of this semester.

4: Metropolitan Café

Located on Rittenhouse Square, this café is a little further from campus than the other options, but definitely worth it if you want to travel beyond the limits of East Falls. The picturesque building sits right off one of the corners of the square. There are actually two store fronts – one with a good amount of seating where you can grab food and coffee quick, and another that’s a full bakery.

5: Starbucks

I know this is the basic option that everyone already knows, but let’s be honest – Starbucks is always a good place to go if you’re not sure. All stores look the same, so they feel like home, and they all have the drinks you know you’ll love. Plus, there’s usually seating available. Try the new Starbucks in the Target on City Ave if you want a change in your Peppermint Mocha experience.


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