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Barack Obama’s Historic Legacy

Barack Obama, the 44th President of the United States, finished his eight-year Presidential Term this past Friday, January 20, 2017. As many reflect back on the past eight years, they think of the changes they saw with this presidency and what Obama did for our world today, whether positive or negative. As he has just recently left The White House, many wonder what his legacy will be amongst our other country leaders; what the history books will mention about Barack Obama.

Aside from policy and governmental affairs, it is expected for Obama to be remembered in a positive regard in view of his personal life and personality. Historical expert Christopher Capozzola uses the term “‘No drama Obama” when referring to Obama’s personal life. His love for his two daughters and wife along with his relatively normal American lifestyle and personality is something many take for granted in Obama, but this sense of purity from this family is truly rare in The White House.

Obama will also be remembered for his ethnicity. As the first African-American President, his achievement has been and is expected to remain a symbol for all generations that change is possible.

In regards to government affairs, it is likely that Obama will be associated with his administration’s forward thinking in regards to climate change and LBGT rights. In regards to LBGT rights, Salon.com states that Obama has made “something that will not be reversible because American society has changed.”  Apart from his achievements on informing the nation on global warming and maintaining awareness, as well as ensuring the humans rights of LGBT individuals, Obama will also most likely be remembered for healthcare. With his Affordable Care Act, Obama made it possible for all to have healthcare no matter their economic background. This act truly displays how Obama was a trailblazer in one of the most important topics in American history.

As it has only been days since his departure from office, it is still too early to tell how or for what Barack Obama will be remembered in history. However, regardless of what the future reveals, the 44th President will remain an important historical figure not only in American culture, but also across the world as well.


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