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Antiquing Adventures

This summer, I spent my days up in Great Barrington MA. It’s a town right in the Berkshires mountains filled with beautiful nature, adorable towns, and little adventures wherever you look. One thing they have is a ton of antique stores! I had never really explored any of them so this year I took advantage of some of my free time to see what treasures I could find.

 Going to so many made me see the difference in different types of antique stores. There were ones that focused on art and literature, furniture, or just stuff. The quality of the antiques definitely varied depending on the store; some were extremely high end, very old 19th century furniture, while others held pots and pans from the 70’s.

My favorite thing was the way different stores were laid out. Some wound like mazes through wall to wall antiques while others had individual sections that focused on a specific theme. I loved the way each one was a whole new world by just the difference of one decade.

Next time you see an antiques store, pop in and see what you can find!


Sam Miller

Jefferson '21

Hi! I'm Sam, I'm a fashion design major, my favorite color is purple and I love to sew, dance, and go on Pinterest.
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