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5 YouTubers You Should Be Watching

YouTube is one of the most popular streaming websites on the internet. I use it for nearly everything: DIY tutorials, news, homework help, beauty tips, and so much more. YouTube is this endless database of information in the form of videos, what’s not to love? I have been looking for some new, or at least new to me, YouTubers to freshen up my FYP. Here are 5 channels that you should be following:


Cartia Mallan

Image from Cartia Mallan’s Twitter

Cartia is a lifestyle blogger who uses her personal experiences to talk about fashion, travel, mental health, and other relevant topics. She is positive and will almost definitely make you feel better about yourself. Every Cartia video that I’ve watched made me want to organize my room and try a new lipstick shade. 


Shahd Batal

Image from Tumblr

Shahd is a funny and down to earth fashion and beauty blogger. Her most recent video about her daily routine and Glossier haul is amazing. I love that she talks about self-care and enhancing your natural beauty. My favorite part? Her lighting is THE BEST. 


Jenn Im

Image from Forbes

Jenn is probably the most famous YouTuber included on this list with over 2 million subscribers. The sub count is definitely indicative of the content quality. Jenn covers topics from fashion to lifestyle and relationships. I feel like this is the “one-stop-shop” for inspirational YT videos. 


Nathan Zed

Image from IMDB

Nathan is a YouTuber that covers nearly everything. It is hard to limit his genre to just one thing. There are videos about Disney, college graduation, Ned’s Declassified School Survival Guide, sexual assault, and so much more. His content will put you in a better mood. 


Jamie Paige

Image from Jamie Paige’s Twitter

Jamie is a beauty blogger from Canada with an amazing talent for makeup. I love that she discusses budget items and quality among luxury brands. Her channel is not limited to beauty though; Jamie is open about her life and work routines. I highly recommend starting with her video on holiday makeup. 



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