Working In A Toxic Environment

Working For A Toxic Company 


Sometimes your work environment can be extremely fun and happy. Sometimes your work environment can be extremely toxic and horrible. Imagine going to work, not being able to laugh, not being able to talk to fellow employees without getting asked what is being talked about, being yelled at for wanting a drink, and even getting yelled at for sticking up for yourself. This summer I’ve worked for a company that could care less about their employees. It took me and multiple other people close to three years to finally get the courage to leave this toxic place. Here’s just a few examples of what most of us have had to go through.


1. Sexual Harassment

     The sexual harassment multiple other people and I have dealt with from fellow managers, employees, and our regular customers in the morning was too much to handle within itself. To be honest, with a few of the men, we were scared to step forward. When we finally did, we were told that it we should just wait and shake it off cause they were leaving anyways. With one, I was told it was my fault because I messaged him back sticking up for myself. With the regular customers, it was every single day at seven in the morning. Us girls would fight for who would wait on them. We were told something was going to get done, but the person who was meant to handle it, was too scared to put themselves in an awkward situation.


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2. Disappointments

     Multiple employees had gone to higher ups to explain a huge problem going on in the workplace. Instead of dealing and looking into the problem, they decided to call us disappointments. I’m sure you guys are wondering if anything was done about the problem, shocker, nothing was done. 


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3. Getting Blamed For Everything and Anything 

     Our employees, including myself, were incredibly happy, making sure everything was getting done before these two highly important managers came in. As soon as they would pull into the parking lot, we yelled through the store to warn everyone, that’s when the mood went down. We couldn’t laugh, we couldn’t talk, we couldn’t do anything without getting yelled at. Personally, I got told I was always “too depressed” and I was the one making everyone sad. That makes total sense. 

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4. Disrespectful Managers

      Many, many, many employees would either cry at work or cry as soon as they left because of the two higher up managers. They treated everyone so poorly. They would talk poorly about crew members, to other crew members. They would scream, and I truly mean scream. They could never do anything wrong. 


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5. Walking Out

     Multiple people, including myself, had decided to walk out after finding jobs that respected us. After being called disappointments, told us that we were a huge problem as well because we got along with fellow employees, and put up with multiple crew members coming to us about other managers being incredibly rude, we decided we couldn’t put up with anymore. Cheers to us!


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     Most employees tried their hardest there! Most employees put themselves through more than they should have!  Most employees thankfully got out of there! I don’t want to throw names out there but I wouldn’t recommend working for this company. Even though one dollar drinks all the time are pretty amazing.


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