Why Spring Break at Home Can be Fun

We all want to have a fun spring break. From a young age we see college students on television and in movies going to the beach and having the time of their lives. But that is not how it is for most students. A lot of us go home for the week, maybe for work or maybe because we don’t have anywhere to go. As much as we want to tell ourselves that it is lame, being home can be much better than going away.

College wears you down and most of us are tired and stressed. While partying might sound nice, it can be an exhausting time. Home can be a chance to relax and get some proper rest. If you live with your parents, you might even be able to score some homemade food. That is hard to come by during the rest of the year.

Being home also gives you the time to catch up with old friends. As much as you love your college friends, you have friends back home who miss you. Why not find time during spring break to catch up? You probably missed a lot of interesting stuff while you were away. They can give you all of the major details.

Spring break at home is also a money saver. Think about how much you would spend finding a place to vacation and eating out every day? It adds up, and even if you have a job at college, it is still money you could have used for something else that you might find more important in the future.

If home is not a great place for you, you could even go to a friend’s home. It would be a change from what you are used to, as well as a chance to see life through your friend’s eyes. They might have a lot of interesting places in their area that the two of you can visit for a fun day trip. It is a vacation that does not require you to have to go out every night or buy a hotel room for.

Why stress yourself out more by having to plan a vacation? There are plenty of bonuses to being home, so don’t feel bad about it. Sometimes it is best to go home and take time to relax. No one really wants to be around a huge number of drunk people anyways.

How are you going to spend your spring break?