Why I'm Learning French (and you should too!)

I began learning French in the 9th grade and continued my learning into my college career. My goal is to be fluent by the time I graduate from college. Here are 5 reasons why I am learning French and why you should too!

(Image: Courtney Traub at Trip Savvy)

1. It will open up job opportunities

Employers like to see diversity within applicants! You can wow them with your ability to communicate with a larger group of people.

2. It will help you learn other languages

French is a Romance language along with Spanish, Italian, and Portuguese! Learning French will help you learn other languages!

3. Learning French will open up the world

Did you know that French is actually more common than Spanish? It's the third most common language behind English and German! Knowing French will open you up to much more people!

4. A language of culture

We all know how proud French people are of their country and language. For good reason, too! It is a beautiful language that has a lot of cultural significance. It was commonly spoken during the Enlightenment!

5. It's a fun language to learn

Speaking from experience, French is fun! The conjugations are interesting and learning about the culture is fun!


What are you waiting for? It's never too late to expand your horizons and learn a new language!