What's In the Health Center?

It’s inevitable that we fall ill or sick during our college career. It’s also inevitable that we pay for stupid “health and wellness fee” during our college career as well. What even is that covering? Throughout my entire college career I always wondered why I had to pay it if I never went there or didn’t use their services there.

But then I asked myself this: what are the services that our health service even offer?

Honestly, I roamed campus five days a week and passed this building nearly every time. The brick covered walls with two glass doors always stared back at me, but I never thought twice as I passed this building. It wasn’t until recently that I discovered that this building of health and wellbeing is composed of more than just Advil and Band-aides, but actually services and programs that I wish I had known about three years ago.

Here are only a few of the many services and programs that happen in the Center of Health and Wellbeing at IUP

·         The everyday cold and congestion medicine: free

·         Illness/injury visit: $10 co-pay

·         Physical: $35

·         Emergency contraceptive:$25

·         Pregnancy testing: $15

·         Allergy testing: $5 per injection


Programs and services for free (or really cheap) to look into:

·         Nutrition connection: Have students in the nutrition department and/or registered dietitian help create health living goals with you

·         Health hut: condoms (female and male), lubricants, hand sanitizers, and feminism items are either free or can be purchased with crimson cash.

·         Fitness equipment: why buy dumbbells and yoga mats if you aren’t sure you will stick with it? Sign out fitness equipment from the health center. It’s kind of like a “try before you buy” deal

·         Mindfulness Living Learning Community: relaxation, meditation and yoga. What could possibly be better than that? Check the online schedule to see when and where the free meditation and yoga sessions are being held.

·         The Haven Project: a great support system to anyone and everyone who has been involved in domestic violence. There are plenty of presentations, programs, and leaders that are a \part of this program that want to raise awareness of domestic violence and reach out to help those in need.

Next time you pass that brick building, go inside and actually see what can be offered to you.