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What are We Listening to Right Now?

This week we asked the wonderful ladies of HC IUP, ” What are you listening to on your iPod right now?”

#Amanda Petrunak/ Feature Writer: I’m listening to Train’s, 50 ways to say goodbye. I’m addicted to the song. It just has a good beat, and it’s funny.

#Tiara Corsey/Feature Writer: I’m listening to Frank Ocean’s Channel Orange cd. I like what he stands for and I think his music is different and more interesting than mainstream music

#Hannah Leigh Halphen/ Senior Editor: I’m listening to Kendrick Lamar’s “Swimming Pool (Drank)” because the beat is awesome.

#Princess S. Kabakole/Feature Writer: I’m listening to Emeli Sannde, Adele, Elle Varner, and Miguel.

#Micah Alexander/Feature Writer:I’m listening to lots of J. Cole, Jhene Aiko and Kendrick Lamar. I love the messages in all of their music and I always enjoy something I can listen to while relaxing or doing homework.

#Jasmine Imani Childs/Contributing Writer: I’m listening to a lot of Donny Hathaway and similar 70s soul artists. It relaxes me after a long day.

#Alyssa Berg/Senior Editor: I’m listening to “Young the Giant”. I like how upbeat a lot of their music is, and it helps me study.

#Ashley Stolte/Contributing Writer: Lately I’ve been listening to “Here Comes the Sun” by the Beatles on repeat. Makes my day better instantly!

#Tiana Singleton-Reid/Contributing Writer: I’m listening to all 90’s R&B…the best decade for my favorite genre.

#Junene Taylor/Editor-in-Chief: Lately I’ve been listening to Bob Marley. That man was a genius and his music is very inspiring. He relaxes me.


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